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If David Byrne is one of the geniuses of modern times, then Start Making Sense is a tribute to genius. The musicians in this 7-10 piece Talking Heads Tribute take pride in faithfully recreating the music of Talking Heads entire career.   Together they bring much of the Heads unique live show to the stage, with front man Jon Braun as a spot-on David Byrne,  giving you a "once in a lifetime" experience.  Prepare yourself for a rockin', funkin', danceable celebration of the new-wave art punk you loved from the 80's !!!


Jon Braun // Lead vocals & guitar
Jon Fadem // Lead guitar & backing vocals
Colin Miller // Percussion & backing vocals
Alex Ayala // Keyboards
Michael Davidson // Bass
Jesse Braun // Drums
Jenny Founds // Backing Vocals
Kathleen Weber // Backing vocals

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Jon Fadem is proud to endorse Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Mesa/Boogie amplifiers and Dean Markley Strings


also, on many occasions Start Making Sense has or does include...

BASS: Bill Melcher, Julie Slick, Ben Grim, Ian Hansson, Nick Pokrivchak, Nick Levinos, Dave Johnsen, Rick Bartow, Peter Fritz, Eric Anderson, Pat Kays, George Hrab

GUITAR: Brian Davis, Ben Grim, JR Atkins, Aaron Kinsman, Mike Davidson, Duane Beller

KEYS: Brad Murray, Devin Calderin, Doug Hawk, Eric Svalgard, Dave Hooper, Alex Ayala

PERCUSSION/DRUMS: Steven Brunette, Ben Miosi, Danny Piselli, Matt Deibert, Ryan Berg, Tim Leslie, Wes Paich, Colin Miller

VOCALS: Alex Harrer, Esme Montgomery, Robbi Kumalo, Sylvia Popichak

FOH SOUND: Colin Reynolds

LIGHTS/LD: Jason Liggett